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    A powerful ticket support system with Developers and Design Agencies in mind.
    Manage your projects, handle the support and keep your customers informed when things are fixed & updated.
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Ticket Support / Helpdesk System

Tixel is a Cloud-based application which can be your ticket support / helpdesk system. It caters for technical, sales, managers and directors... as well as your clients, who can also log in to create, update & track their tickets. It's a great tool for improving productivity, communication and providing great customer support.

Love your Clients

Give your clients full visibility on your projects or support tickets, keeping them always up to date

Faster results

Provide your team the tools to prioritise and streamline their workload

Greater visibility

Give yourself a powerful overview of all your projects, clients and tickets


We love Tixel so much we use it, and our clients benefit from fantastic customer support

Help Desk Features

Powerful notification control

Easily notify one or more people when a ticket is updated - via screen, email, SMS or a mixture to suit your preferences

Easy ticket creation

Create tickets directly from a CMS/Application or via the branded Tixel portal. Client users can log in directly!

Workload & statistics

Task lists, ticket queues, performance and statistics for tickets opened, updated and closed.

Customisable & Brandable

Skinnable with your branding, adjustable screen layouts, filters and much more!

Fully Audited

Every action in Tixel is audited for full accountability, tracking and data integrity

Software API

Want your application to talk to Tixel? No problem, just work with the Tixel API

...there's so much more to love, we recommend you try it for free

Providing everything you need to love your customers

Tixel Ticket Overview Screen

Tixel in Action

  • Dynamic Dashboard

    Instant overview of your business, your tickets and your clients. Customisable, powerful and always up to date.
  • Client and Project Overview

    CRM functionality and company performance at client and project level. Provide API access for your software.
  • Ticket Detail

    Track all ticket progress on a single screen, including key information, internal notes, files and conversation.

Pricing - Unbelievable value

Single Company
Multiple Projects

£12 per/month *

  • Single client
  • Access through tixelsupport.co.uk
  • Branded as Tixel
  • 100 users
  • 3000 projects
  • Unlimited tickets
  • 20GB storage

The single company package is perfect for a team that has a set of internal projects or a company with their own support board.

Multiple Clients & Projects

£32 per/month *

  • Create multiple clients
  • Use of own domain
  • Bespoke design to match your corporate identity
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited tickets
  • Unlimited storage

Our top tier package is perfect for agencies that support multiple companies. Tixel is branded to your corporate identity and you can use your own domain.

Unbeatable value

We believe our solution is the best pound for pound ticket solution in the UK. Don't believe us? These are similar packages from the industry leaders:


Zendesk's middle tier package is £44 per user per month. Lets assume you have 5 users -
thats £2,160 a year!


Zendesk's 'garden' tier package is £25 per user per month. Again, assume you have 5 users - thats
£1,500 a year!


We allow unlimited users, but lets assume the same 5. At our top tier, thats just £384 a year! A saving of at least £1,116 year!

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* prices are excluding VAT and are billed monthly or annually depending on what you prefer.

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Silver Innovation

Tixel is brought to you by Silver Innovation Ltd.

A team of developers who design, develop, support and host websites & applications. Tixel was born to support Silver Innovation, who now want to share it with the rest of the world.

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